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Eyewitnesses said by telephone prompt service

On the eve there is an extremely egregious case. Some teenager threw snow Eternal flame at the Champ de Mars in St. Petersburg. The surveillance cameras shows that it was made by the teenager. He raked the snow around the monument, and then threw it in the hole where the fire burns. This was reported by eyewitnesses on the phone, prompt service.

Очевидцы сообщили по телефону оперативной службе


Arrived on the scene, officers did not record any damage, and burning restored. I think that doing such a thing, the teenager was aware that the eye will not close. Of course, there are very smart people who think that in the twenty-first century we do not have cameras or they do not work. Supposedly calculate someone very difficult. Not surprised that he was greatly surprised when he saw himself on the surveillance cameras in the news. Now he is detained – he is 12 years old. He wanted to conduct an experiment extinguishes the fire from the snow or not. Extinguished – the experiment was a success, if you can call it that.

In any case, the story is so-so. It’s one thing when the act is not scheduled. In this case, it was clearly done intentionally. To think hundred times to do it or not – it was a possibility. Moving them at this point, interest in the experiment is not played into his hands. He will have problems.

In my opinion, the fact that you deliberately (as an experiment or not) spoil pamatnik about the great Patriotic war, already makes you the last person on earth. It is a tribute to the respect, not the table of the chemist, where you can experiment. It’s a shame and stupidity. Yeah, boy, 12 years old, but is it not taught to respect the history and the monument to the war? Blame education or the initial weight of the brain?

Moreover, such cases very much, sometimes it’s a special vandalism that protest sometimes just stupidity (in this case, curiosity). In Volgograd, some military thrown into eternal fire, the husks of sunflower seeds. And in Ussuriysk – it threw the earth. There is degradation!

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