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Experts told how not to get caught “collectors” cryptocurrency

Эксперты рассказали, как не дать себя поймать "собирателям" криптовалютYour hardware may be available and all staff or family, it is better not to take chances.

As found by antivirus developers from the company ESET, in the last few months, the scammers covertly mine cryptocurrency Feathercoin, Litecoin and Monero with the browsers and computers of users while they are on site.

And if The Pirate Bay itself has implemented a javascript miner in the code of the site as an experimental way of earnings, then the hackers tried to cash in via many other resources.

As hidden bottom

For covert mining of cryptocurrency do not need to hack the computer and install a Trojan. While the user is in the browser open the page with malicious script, the processor is discreetly mine.

Often threatened popular sites, which usually spend a relatively long time. It’s basically resources with streaming pirated videos and games that stresses the CPU and no web miners.

Problem suspect just the CPU load increases sharply up to a hundred percent. Attackers covertly mined cryptocurrency mainly through ten sites. According to a report by ESET, other smaller resources accounted for 14% of traffic to the web miners.

How to monitor CPU usage

Senior virus analyst ESET Anton Cherepanov in conversation with TJ recommended to use system utilities to monitor CPU activity. MacOS is a “Monitoring system” (Activity Monitor) in the Windows “task Manager” (Task Manager).

How to avoid hidden mining

Disable javascript on sites, suspicious CPU

javascript is enabled in most major browsers by default. If it is off, most sites will stop working correctly, so to regulate its use is for each site separately. This is done in the browser settings. We show an example of Google Chrome:

Settings → security and Privacy → content Settings → javascript.

To install the extension-blocker web miners

For each of the browsers have add-ons that is designed to block scripts, ads and other content, for example, ScriptBlock, ScriptSafe and NoScript. Google Chrome is a suitable extension No Coin.

In conversation with TJ Cherepanov said that on behalf of the company may not recommend any particular program, and was asked to choose her “for his taste.”

Do not disable the antivirus

Antivirus companies recommend to enable detection of potentially unwanted applications in their products. Products ESET web miner is shown as JS/CoinMiner.A.

In “Kaspersky Lab” announced TJ that all of their products are able to detect such threats. On the company’s website says that the web miners are in the category of software that “is in itself legally, but it can be used in malicious purposes” (Riskware).

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