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Experts told how not to buy a “broken” car

Эксперты рассказали, как не купить "битый" автомобильUseful tips for those who are planning to buy a new car.

Choosing a used car, it is worth remembering that the machine can be trauma, which are difficult to hide even the professionals.

Purchasing a used car is an important step in the life of any driver. Everyone wants to find a car with low mileage and a minimum of problems. And the last thing motorists need “iron horse” after the accident, pichet autonews.ua.

Day – one buyer

Inspect the vehicle before buying you have good lighting. The machine must be clean. The only way to see the defects in paintwork and signs of repair. Even a small layer of dust mask defects, that is, works “the seller”.

To examine the body need a little distance, looking at a sharp angle. So it is possible to detect even small waves from repainting.

The traces of repainting

When choosing a used car should pay attention to the color, gloss, texture coatings, especially in problem areas: the area of the bumper, wings, side skirts, front and rear hoods. If there are traces of repainting, ask the seller causes repair.

A perfect joint

Body panels, doors, tailgate and bonnet, bumper needs to be joined with a body level, to have even gaps on all sides, easy to open and close. If any item has these problems, it could mean that it was damaged or it was replaced.

Hood space

If the external part of the body after the repair awtomalar paint thoroughly inside the engine compartment, underbody, wheel arches are treated more casually and can issue repair “guts”.

Broken “person”

Cracks on the windshield, especially when they come from the hood, I can testify that the car had been in an accident.

Side glass will give

Even if all the Windows in the car the whole, it is useful to view their markings. During Assembly at the plant they were taken from the same batch and therefore should have the same designation, and month and year of issue.

By the way, automotive expert Alexey Shtanko told the ICTV Facts, how not to get “bait” to sellers-deceivers at the time of purchase b/a car.

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