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Experts suggested how to reduce fuel consumption

Специалисты подсказали, как сократить расход топливаProven tips.

The last time the gasoline and diesel fuel become for Ukrainians a real luxury. Prices at the pump steadily rise and has almost reached the European. But the income of Ukrainian citizens do not grow at such a rapid pace, so for most motorists, reducing fuel consumption has become an urgent problem. How to reduce fuel consumption, making the trip cost effective?

For this you need to follow a few simple rules, which are presented below.

1. Smooth running. Any car owner should understand that a sharp Rev and over-pressing the accelerator pedal will inevitably lead to additional fuel consumption. Often, these maneuvers are unnecessary, especially if you are moving in the urban cycle. Smooth pressing the gas pedal will save a couple of liters per 100 kilometers. In addition, in this mode of movement is less wear of the brakes, because after an abrupt acceleration very often followed by sudden braking, leading to excessive wear of brake pads and discs.

2. Minimize the engine running at idle. According to experts, every 3 minutes of engine operation at idle can equate to 1.5 kilometers. Not difficult to count, what quantity of fuel you burn, waiting a long minute with the engine running.

3. Keep the car in good technical condition. Modern engines are very much crammed with all kinds of sensors, each of which sends signals to the ECU, which on the basis of the received information, optimizes the fuel mixture. The output from the system lambda probe, sensor mass air flow or another other sensor leads to the failure in operation of the engine, the formation of incorrect fuel mixture, hence more fuel consumption.

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The car loses momentum, and fuel in the cylinders burns completely. Do not forget to carry out regular inspection of the car, and it will allow you to optimize fuel consumption.

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