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Experts have found, in Ukraine to ensure the safety of housing of a premium class

Эксперты выяснили, как в Украине обеспечивается безопасность жилья премиум-классаIn the world of real estate there are many factors that wealthy tenants willing to pay more and one of them is a special attitude to the safety of residents and their values.

In elite residential complexes of Ukraine to protect the interests of customers and what options are suitable for housing the middle segment, we learned from the experts.

Insurance of the apartment and property

One of the ways to protect material assets, located in a luxury apartment – the design of a full insurance policy. In the event of unforeseen events and losses that happen rarely, but to eliminate them completely is also impossible, the insurance company assesses damage and compensate for loss in an amount adequate rate contract. Normally in the elite apartment insured everything from the warehouse through to the interior which is a material value.

For the middle segment of the housing this option is also suitable because not only luxury apartments, but any real estate owned by the tenants can be insured from a dozen different cases and when available, to obtain a decent compensation.

“Large companies such as Aksa and other leaders in the insurance industry, concerned about the reputation and strive to provide the most comprehensive range of services. So you can easily get lost in the abundance of reviews and long lists of insurance services, which at first glance seem identical. For detailed analysis and comparisons of different companies it is convenient to use a special service,” – told the experts of the first tender platform insurance “InSfero”.

Check staff

Эксперты выяснили, как в Украине обеспечивается безопасность жилья премиум-класса

Safety depends on how high the crime level in the area and how carefully selected the staff for the service of the residential complex. As a rule, the luxury property being built in protected areas and has a protective perimeter and checkpoints to enter the area.

For example, such prestigious facilities as the elite real estate of Kiev Signature, have a very high level of security. Protection of objects is designed for several degrees of protection, including preventive measures such as careful selection of staff housing complex.

“In the segment of real estate, every detail matters, from which the result, the sum of absolute comfort and safety for the most demanding customers. In these housing complexes there is a large area where there are swimming pools, covered Parking, greenhouses, restaurants, and spas, and all this space is also protected as tenants and apartments,” – explained the representatives of the company “Signature”.

To provide the same thorough security in the middle price segment of real estate it is impossible, however, to copy simple techniques, such as installing video surveillance and alarm systems, perimeter fencing and a contract with a security company quite on forces by the tenants.

Luxury real estate always has high security for the life, health and property of residents, but the principles of security unchanged for any level of life. Use them and be calm!

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