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Experts have found an interesting alternative to modern aircraft

Эксперты нашли интересную альтернативу современным самолетамThe American firms have been able to identify the device, which will be better in the air.

American company, Bye Aerospace has designed and built a double aircraft Sun Flyer is powered by electricity. At the end of this year, it will begin training future pilots.

The first thing to notice anyone who sits behind the wheel Sun Flyer and presses the start button — silence. No roar or vibration, just the hum of the propeller. In the cockpit you can safely talk without headphones. The motor, which runs with the help of rheostat, connected directly to propeller without energy transmission. With a weight of only 20 kg the size of the motor is only 10 cm deep and 30 cm in diameter. A similar internal combustion engine 120 by 90 by 90 cm and weighs about 7 times more.

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This is partly due to the performance of motor — 95% of its electricity it sends to work. For an hour flight, this plane consumes electricity only $3 compared to $40 for gasoline in the case of a single-engine machine. At least mobile elements in the motor means less maintenance and acquisition of spare parts is a critical parameters for high-priced aviation business.

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