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“Excess All Areas” – a mediocre debut glam band Black Cage

The debut album “Excess All Areas”, which will be released may 5, 2017 on the label MarsMusicProductions, in fact, of course, is not the first work of a young glam rock band Black Cage. The team, which included three boys and a girl vocalist, was formed in 2015 and managed since then to release an EP and a single. In a press release, dedicated to the release of records, also proudly reported that Black Cage successfully performed on Plante Festival Tour in Austria and worked on the opening teams like jinjer, The New Roses, Planet of Zeus and Dust ‘N Bones. In General, recording a full-length album, the band came up with over an experience based on what we were entitled to expect that we will hear something new, young and vibrant. But if the brightness and energy in “Excess All Areas” all came out, more or less, novelty, alas, there is no smell. On the contrary.

The disc includes a dozen tracks, none of which is of particular duration, so the album was originally quite modest. Already starting composition, bearing the promising name of “666”, is not without drawbacks: mediocre lyrics and rhyme on the level “inside me / devil in me / come with me”; vaguely recognizable chorus – the feeling that you’ve heard, not leaves throughout the album. Some of this negativity kompensiruet vigorous performance – Kati Cher gives one hundred percent and has a really good vocals. The problem is that “666” is not just good intonation, but only for something worthwhile song in the whole album. With reservations, but this track can be put “four” on a five-point system, the rest of the composition – something amorphous, not memorable, wildly secondary. All of the above mentioned disadvantages remain throughout the remaining nine songs, becoming more and more noticeable, and a modest set of virtues lost.

For example, Spotlight track, which the band filmed a video in support of the album. Chorus you again for sure “somewhere heard”, and the similarity of the vocals to Sandra Nasik from Guano Apes in this and other songs felt even more strongly due to the fact that Kati Cher tries to copy the style of Sandra. The music of Black Cage much not up to GA either in quality or power.

The remaining eight tracks – and worse. Not that it was impossible to listen to, no. If a young band was deliberately trying to convey the spirit of the 80s, the atmosphere of the rehearsals in garages and basements, they partly succeeded, but only partly: the level tool is not so far removed from the level of young punks, but the recording quality is still higher. Worse, that his debut Black Cage’s are nothing new, absolutely nothing. Forget about “666”, the main theme of the album gives Galim pop, the guys sing about something that would shock their grandmothers, about the love, fun and rock-n-roll, podklinivaet “Oh, as” and carefully imitate all and Sundry.

It is possible to listen, really. You just don’t feel sticking with it.

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