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Everyone wants to be first, but never will be

Все хотят быть первыми, но никогда ими не будут

Unfortunately, today most people are constantly rushing everywhere to take first place. And it’s not terminology of sporting events, namely the path of life.

For example, everyone wants to stand first at the door on the Parking lot of a huge shopping and entertainment complex. Or all crammed first to just open in a grocery store checkout line. But most of all I mind the fact that people are Queuing to buy modern machinery.

Yes, dear friends, I am confused by the fact that a different kind of idiot, differently I can not name them, are willing to buy for crazy money waiting for a new smartphone. Wake up! A long time ago you can buy the smartphone via pre-order on the website, and you personally bring in!

You understand that it’s just a phone, a means of communication! This is just the THING! In General, I don’t know what’s going on with the generation of the modern world? Why our parents thought about the value of life, we think about its price? Why, instead of helping others, we are constantly thinking about how to fill their pockets and flats? Why do we want to be the first that we in life did not really bring?

Again, Parking. Is it so bad to walk around the Parking lot to his front, after a hard (or not) of the day? Or nothing to us our parents said and say that the movement is life?

But instead learn how to construct underwater and extraterrestrial world that make our modern “scientists”? Right, give us the big screens so we sat down and more and more degraded.

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