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Evan Peters will play Charles Manson in “American horror story”

Last week viewers were presented the first trailer of the seventh season of “American horror story”, then a few cleared up the role of Evan Peters on the show.

It seems that the young actor will appear again in the image of the villain. Dude get laid with the TV, enjoying the victory of Donald trump in the election. Looks fun, but a little weird, right? The trailer also flashed some kind of marginal in a clown disguise, and probably the hero Peters, Kai has to these guys.

The seventh season will be the hardest for Evan Peters.

Said so at the time of the project showrunner Ryan Murphy. But what’s the severity? Negative characters Evan was already playing with the TV, however, previously has not been noticed, but something!

In recent interviews, Murphy has shed light on the difficulties faced by the actor. It turns out the guy play not only sineglazovo psychopath Kai, but also a number of historical figures, including Charles Manson, David Koresh, Jim Jones and Andy Warhol.

Dudes known. Manson just in duty needs no introduction. Satanic commune called “the Family” led by Manson, made a lot of noise, having performed in 1969, a series of brutal murders in the United States. David Koresh, in turn, headed the sect “Branch of David”, declared himself a God, killed during the siege by FBI agents ranch “mount Carmel”, which lasted 51 days. Jim Johnson known as the preacher, founder of the sect “Peoples Temple”, whose followers have committed in 1978 mass suicide. Andy Warhol — identity is not so odious, but no less famous. Artist, Director, producer, he has become an icon of pop art, the Creator of business art, commercial art, delivered to the stream.

We are trying to understand how these people come to power — they are idiots — laughing Ryan Murphy. — This is not about trump and Clinton. We are talking about those who were able to capture some trends and come to power using the weakness of the people.

Most likely the above characters in the performance of Evan Peters will appear in the seventh season in the format of flashbacks. In addition, Murphy confirmed that actress Lena Dunham will play the radical feminist Valerie Solanas, in 1968, made an attempt on Andy Warhol. So, we will see this episode in the series.

Well, “American horror story: Cult” promises us something very interesting. Make sure that the audience will already on 5 Septemberwhen the first episode of the new season will be aired on channel FX.

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