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European farmers found an unusual use for drones

Европейские фермеры нашли необычное применение для дроновNow flying gadgets will be to look for pests.

Natural algorithms, that uses a swarm of bees, help to train flocks of drones to find weed. Sensors placed in the soil, allows to save on fertilizers. A robotic mower turn gardener in the operator. talks about the EU funded projects that will change the face of agriculture.

Trianni, working on EU-funded research project, SAGA, which uses swarm technology to control weeds using small drones. It is assumed that the spacecraft weighing 1.5 kg, will fly over fields and map location. Cheap cameras mounted on drones will not have enough resolution to make sharp images, but if drones will swarm the map will turn out pretty accurate. The main thing that they took joint decisions without human help, as a group, says Triani.

The first swarm of drones will be released in the field of sugar beet next spring. Maps of weeds would allow farmers to spray pesticides in a targeted manner. It is not only more environmentally friendly method of treatment fields, but also cheaper. One drone can fly for 20-30 minutes and therefore, most likely, the mapping will have to use several packs, replacing each other on the principle of the relay. According to Trianni, a swarm of drones will be possible to hire or buy. The first clients can become cooperatives so as to own a flock of drones for a farmer, it may be expensive.

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