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Erotic horror-the quest for Lovecraft’s Lust For Darkness

The developers of indie horror this year has seriously been the master of the genre Howard Lovecraft – we already wrote about “Call of Cthulhu: The Official Videogame”, and about “Conarium”, and about “The Land of Pain” directly related to his work. But unless Cthulhu is a lot?

Here and game from Lunar Cult Studios called “Lust For Darkness” is designed to actively use the mythology of Lovecraft, and the style of paintings of the Polish artist Zdzislaw Bakinskogo. The game tells the story of Jonathan moon, who receives a letter from his missing a year earlier wife. She invites him to a secluded mansion, which will unfold the mysterious ceremony of opening the gates to the world of lust and perversion. And will hold its creepy cultists, shes reminding the servants of great Cthulhu. Well, intrigued?

Fundraising for the creation of the game was using the platform Kickstarter, and very successfully – the developers have already collected nearly twice the planned amount. And if you have a desire to encourage them and their modest capital, you will open the early access. With the official release date there are no specifics yet.

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