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English trailer for “Muse” has arrived!

This film is our rapt attention colleague Podolsk in the summer of this year. “Muza” (Muse) really is of interest: intriguing plot, the Creator of “Story” and “sound sleep” in Directors, Frank Potente and Christopher Lloyd in the cast. The only thing we missed this trailer if not Russian, then at least in English, as connoisseurs of Spanish we have, as they say, in the afternoon with fire… And now – wait.

The emergence of a Russian trailer is also not far off, since the film will be released in the Russian car – it is assumed that the premiere will take place on 15 February 2018.

Recall synopsis:

Literature Professor Samuel Salomon a year ago, left work after the tragic death of a friend. He suffers from a recurring nightmare in which he sees a woman, brutally kill at a strange ritual. Suddenly the same woman who appears every night in his dreams, is found dead under the same circumstances. Samuel sneaks into the crime scene and there meets Rachel, which also had it’s murder. Trying to do everything possible to unravel the identity of a mysterious woman they get in a scary world, run by figures, inspiring artists for centuries — Muse.

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