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“Eating more often”: laugh over the discomfiture of the Kremlin propagandists

"Закусывайте чаще": в сети хохочут над конфузом кремлевских пропагандистовMedia reports that the Russian military has turned to stone because of the aliens.

Social media users are amused by the news propagandists channel of the Russian defense Ministry “Zvezda” about the fact that in 1993 in Siberia, the Russian military turned to stone because of the aliens

This news was reported by TV channel, referring to the published “secret CIA report”.

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According to information, allegedly one of the soldiers had spotted a UFO, and launched a missile at him. In response, the aliens decided to land, to go, to merge into one glowing ball, and then a company of 23 soldiers were turned to stone.

Also quoted two survivors that saw 5 short humanoids with large heads and large black eyes.

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People in the Facebook and Twitter much discussion of the mythological adventure of the Russian military in Siberia.

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