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Dropped 84 pounds and became a star – a miracle weight loss

Сбросила 84 килограмма и стала звездой - чудо похуденияThe social networks new favorite – Laura Micetich, which managed to lose weight to record-low numbers.

In 2014, Laura Micetich weighed 136 pounds. One day she realized that more can not continue, and fell in love with weightlifting.

By may 2017 Laura weighed 52 pounds. A gradual weight loss and diet helped to avoid problems with excess skin and she looked great. However, to the surprise of 243 thousand of their followers, Laura began to gain weight: this time she was raising muscle mass. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“Do yourself a favor, don’t forget where we started. Don’t forget how much you wanted to change. Don’t forget how hard it was to even begin,” writes the weight in one of his motivational posts. Now her weight is 88 kg, and that is mainly the iron muscles.

“I fell in love with weightlifting, and the world around me has changed. I began to train almost every day, disappeared for hours in the gym, studied the scientific approach to health, fitness, nutrition,” — shares his secret of Micetich. Now Laura adheres to a balanced diet with lots of vegetables, chicken, vegetable carbohydrates. When she deliberately lose weight, she ate vegetables and greens five or six times a day, sometimes complementing the menu is simple protein foods like eggs and fish. Example of a slow and healthy weight loss Laura is very inspiring and you?

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