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Twenty years — and the miracle is ready

Russia — the country of implemented utopias. The construction of another began immediately after the collapse of the previous, Soviet. And here it rises in all its glory. Moscow unrest, Siberian disasters, streams of messages about what the higher orders, which will force the economy to growth, and loyal subjects …

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Our government lives with the expectation of a miracle

Young engineers who do not learn, and if they leave to study abroad, the likelihood of their returning to Russia is quite small. In today’s world the technological development and standard of living of a country depends not on politicians, or our favorite authorities “siloviki” and from a marginal minority …

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A miracle: grown children born preterm. Photo

They fought for the right to life. We all know that premature infants, no matter how prematurely they were born, from the very first minute as appeared forced to fight for his life. This struggle formed the basis of a series of touching pictures of a photographer from Quebec, red …

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Schumacher family believe in the medical miracle

Legendary German racing driver Michael Schumacher since December 2013 is in serious condition after receiving head injuries. Seven-time world champion was on the verge of death while skiing at the foot of the Alps. Schumacher hit his head on the sharp stones from certain death ex-racer of the Formula 1 …

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