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Driver from Kiev showed how clean the snow on the ring road

Водитель из Киева показал, как убирают снег на Окружной дороге The utility scattered the snow on the road.

In Kiev, on the ring road grader grabbed onto the snow from the side of the road that has significantly affected the traffic and caused car accident.

The corresponding video was published on his page on the social network Facebook the resident of Kiev SEM Aces.

“The district is closer to the Shevchenko square. The utility scattered the snow on the road. The result is obvious,” commented a photo of Aces.

20min ago. Ring closer to the Shevchenko square. MOTHERFUCKERS!!! komunalschiki scattered snow on the road. Warning signs THERE.The result is obvious.

Published Sem Tuzov 19 Feb 2017

According to him, on this stretch of road warning signs were not. As a result, the way the accident occurred.

In the comments users are outraged. “In court on housing and communal services”, – says Andrey Kharchenko.

“What a mess! And how long will it take? Neither ride nor walk!” – said Julia Vartik.

The inhabitant of Kiev Ruslan, Chinuk posted on his page photo from the scene of the incident.

“Interestingly, this diesel sleep**or grass-roots workers in public service, and blamed on the removal of snow from the curb, or is it still exclusive method of their leaders to clean the snow…” commented a photo of Chinuk.

Curiously, TSE diesel sleep..tibrisi nizov robtica komunalno service, and was blamed on vivs snhu s obochiny, Chi has TSE TSA…

Published by Ruslan Chevniuk 19 Feb 2017

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