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Dreams Solzhenitsyn went to pieces – Russian and did not repent

Мечты Солженицина  пошли прахом- русские так и не покаялись

Yoked they plowed for the benefit of the West. I remember -“bless America” – roared Yeltsin.

A former member of the Central Committee of the Komsomol, working under the Central Committee of the Communist party of the liberal-Changeling and publicist Alexander Tsipko accuses the Russians hesitated in carrying out the de-communization and lamenting about the fact that for this reason Russian man will never be able to repent.

In Russia there are no political forces able to conduct de-communization on the background of the growing popularity of the country’s Communist ideas – he writes in the pages of “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

Who is he? Chief researcher, Institute of international economic and political studies Alexander Tsipko, known for its support maydanschikov and criticism of the Russian authorities.

The current anti-Soviet and anti-Communist Tsipko in Soviet times, he defended his thesis on “Methodological problems of research of the criterion of social progress of the socialist society”, and then doctoral thesis “Philosophical preconditions of formation and development of the teachings of Karl Marx on the first phase of the Communist formation”.

I do not want our people to spit on the graves of their ancestors, repent for the victory over fascism and the spacewalk did not want to declare the evil machinations besplatnoe education and health.
And there are forces in Russia that would have forced all of us to recognize that white is black.
How then to live poor Tsipko?


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