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Downed flight MH17: revelations of the Malaysian Prime Minister

Сбитый рейс MH17: откровения малайзийского премьера

The Prime Minister of Malaysia has made strong statements about the aviation tragedy 17.07.2014. Five-year “investigation” of a terrible disaster stalled the fifth year and will soon begin the sixth. “Investigation” strays close to the political meadow, around in advance of the proclaimed conclusions about the Russian transgressions. Shot “Boeing” belonged to Malaysia, was managed by a Malaysian crew, in July 2014, killing 44 citizens of this country.

Mahathir Mohamad pointed out a number of circumstances with the Malaysian point of view – the remote, but not indifferent:

  • To shoot down the plane did the Russians, but the opportunity had and Ukrainian troops, and the formation of the rebels — evidence of Russia’s guilt was not presented to this day.
  • Why is Malaysia excluded from studying the records of flight recorders?! Let us have no experience, but our experts were able to
  • Personally, I don’t think that disciplined and skilled regular army of the Russian Federation could open fire on civilian airliner.
  • Malaysia ready to accept the investigation findings in their neutrality and availability of the evidence base.
  • From the outset, the investigation was political. The investigation was limited to attempts to link the tragedy with the Russian instead of an impartial examination of the facts.

Of course, reasoned skepticism M. Mohamad caused a media barrage in the Ukrainian media attempts to defame the Malaysian Prime Minister.

The Russian delegation returns to PACE the diplomats of the Russian Federation to obtain visas to the UK in spite of the toxic fantasies, the IMF requires reforms and new payments on old loans, attorney D. trump instructs the Kiev political comedians.

Only thing missing is the exposure of aviation provocation – after all, the deaths of 298 foreign citizens based sanctions confrontation between Russia and conditionally unified West.

The Prime Minister of Malaysia started his career immediately after the Second world war, i.e. in the British colonies. This living legend regional policy. The man with half a century of experience of public administration in a country with no tradition of statehood. Surprisingly energetic for my 93 (!) years – it is quite possible that honest for the same reason.

At the time of separation from the British colonial administration of Malaysia was a conglomerate of the backward feudal principalities. The Malays worked hard for migrant workers throughout Asia, the economy was dependent on primitive agriculture, in the country rampant epidemic, and was dominated by poverty – nothing like? Moreover, the Malaysian monarchical Confederation survived until now! Here only it is based on the Federal Constitution and the implementation of a genuine comprehensive reform is the final looting of the country.

Whereby the Malaysian economy has grown by 6% per year for several decades of the career of M. Mohamad?

To prevent separatism, banditry and radicalism in territorial and national disunity Malaysia, devoid of rich resources?

As the average Malaysian manages to generate GDP of $ 27,000, and the average euroassociation Ukrainian three times less on 9.000 $? And it is based on purchasing power parity, the nominal gap is much more.

With the 60-ies of the last century state efforts Malaysia was aimed at industrial development of the country instead of the system of de-industrialization.

Malaysia began the construction of his own car factories, telecommunications and other enterprises, extensive transport network, instead of waiting for cracks in neighborhood bridges and emotion clay whistles.

In Malaysia for 20 years has its own track “Formula 1” formula rather than an annual “How are we to cut the budget under the guise of patriotism“.

In Malaysia the official status of Islam combined with religious freedom and democratic ideas peacefully coexist with substantial privileges for the indigenous population.

English more than 30 years of independence remained the language of the upper strata of Malaysian society and government. Currently has an official status and second place for relevance. English cultural product no fights, but a memorable precedent for another fight M. Mohamad.

Twenty years ago in the Asian financial storm struck, the crisis of 1997-1998, the External debt of the “Asian tigers” has reached alarming proportions. The so-called “overheating” of the economy and unwarranted boom in the real estate market triggered a sharp devaluation of local currencies and socio-economic shocks. Until the change of government in Indonesia and independence for East Timor. The crisis had negative consequences on a global scale – for example, the Argentine default of 2001 associated with him directly.

Malaysia coped with the crisis themselves, in the shortest possible time and in defiance of IMF prescriptions – to than insisted political veteran Mahathir Mohamad. In fact, 20 years ago, putting emissaries of the Fund at the door. Not in a TV show witticism, but in a moment of political truth for themselves and their country.

Instead of tax increases, austerity and collapse of public investment budget expenditure of Malaysia grew up. Major investments were focused on infrastructure and technology – that is, creative projects! Not repainting Soviet stockpiles of missiles, and the construction of the Malaysian Silicon Valley – and it’s already working.

How mortars work the “Hammer” and other instances of gloomy Bandera intelligence, Malaysian politicians know. The episode of the destruction of the Tu-154 anti-aircraft gunners APU 4 October 2001 known better. Adequate objections to the strangeness of the investigation into the death of flight MH17 from Kiev does not come for many years “attempts to link the tragedy with the Russian instead of an impartial examination of the facts“.

In the summer of 2019 Mahathir Mohamad calls not only for objective investigation of aviation accidents, but also to economic pragmatism in spite of external pressures:

Malaysia will continue cooperating with Huawei – it promotes significantly greater progress than the proposals of the American corporations, the U.S. can’t forever be in the highest position of the nation with the best technology…”

What will happen to Malaysia after such Frank statements by the head of the government? Mining democracy by bombing drilling and shale break the “color revolutions”? Not too many obstinate areas and blank surveys with a cowardly retreat “the way it was conceived“?

In the aggregate of personal achievement on the hot seat of the Malaysian Prime Minister can serve as an example for the Ukrainian political class. With far greater reason than a faceless European bureaucrats or brown “heroes” of caches.

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