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Double stole the life Knightley in the Thriller “Selfie” (TRAILER)

Based on the novel “duhless the 21st century. Selfie” fashion writer Sergey Minaev got a trailer. The film is, as usual, reveals the emptiness of glamour, rot society and that’s all. But still it has elements of psychological Thriller, so we discuss it here and now.

Of the merits of the”Selfie” Director Nikolay Homeriki (“the dragon Syndrome”) can be called in the first place by starring. Is Konstantin Khabensky, who, however, removed as in good things like last year’s “Collector”, and in the empties (here name it anything). However, the actor refers to the number of actors who are just not physically capable of bad play. So, maybe “Selfie” will extend?

Synopsys, meanwhile, sounds very familiar:

He completely copied his gestures, facial expressions, even made jokes so that no one would suspect the switch. Bogdanov looked at the screen, as in a mirror. Double handled his show, met with his fans, readers, lived with his women, drinking in a bar with his friends… It happened suddenly — again — you disappear, your identity, and then is powerless the best analysts. Public and successful, witty and cynical, Bogdanov lost everything that I worked towards for years, building his career and life. And now he understood clearly: a copy of the better and more honest to himself, the battle itself is lost. And only daughter wants to return true Bogdanov…

I think it’s like a pop version of “Enemy,” Denis Villeneuve? However, the story with another double by Fyodor Dostoyevsky met, I remember.

Fyodor Bondarchuk, who played one of the roles in the film, also acts as a co-producer.

“Selfie” will be released on 1 February 2018. Meantime, watch the trailer and tell me whether this project the inhabitants of the Zone Horror?

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