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Divine poster of the “Notebook of death” from Netflix

So it will look like the God of death Ryuk in a new adaptation of the famous manga? It looks like it.

Recall that in March released the first teaser for “death note”, however, to see that there beloved Shinigami was very difficult. Now, Director Adam Wingard shared with fans of the movie poster, which Ryuk appears in all its glory.

We can immediately note a few differences from the classic image: a less convex eyes, the nose doesn’t look like a pig, anatomy corresponds to the normal human. For comparison, even cosplay can be closer to the original. Here the impression is that in creating a character without digital graphics, and it will play Willem Dafoe. Again, on the face of the Shinigami appear the facial features of the actor.

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And you know, it probably was better. In the manga and anime Ryuk was almost completely devoid of facial expressions. Now Defoe will get more expressive means for the game, the benefit in this it is very, very good.

Synopsis of the work:

Light, capable student, finds the mysterious death note that can kill anyone whose name to enter. Light decides to launch a secret mission to clean up the streets from criminals. Soon, the student-vigilante discovers that he is pursued by a famous FBI Profiler with the alias L.

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The role of light will be performed by NAT Wolff (“Intern”), and the image of a brilliant detective L will embody Lakit Stanfield (“Off”).

“Death note” will open August 25, 2017 on Netflix.

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