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Disclosed new features of iPhone 8

Раскрыты новые характеристики iPhone 8Known details about the revolutionary iPhone the camera 8.

Bloomberg analyst mark Gurman, is known for his accurate insights on the characteristics of the new devices Apple has issued a new report stating that the iPhone 8 will be “revolutionary” in the main camera.

According to him, Luggage of the next Apple smartphone will be able to offer users several unique features.

A source close to Apple, said that several hundred engineers working on the technology of augmented reality, and among them there are engineers that previously created the Hololens from Microsoft and Ocuslus Rift. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“One of the functions, over which now runs Apple, is the ability to capture an image, then change the depth of field of the pictures or certain objects.

Another technology will allow you to select some object in the picture (e.g. the human head) and then rotate it 180 degrees. In development and other functions, in particular to interactively add virtual objects using augmented reality,” writes Gurman.

The idea seems quite interesting and worthy of attention of some experts. Also built-in algorithms of the camera will allow you to add photos to the various special effects “like Snapchat,” added the source.

He did not rule out that not all of the already available features will be implemented in the iPhone 8.

Bloomberg also confirmed Apple’s plans to create augmented reality glasses. The company developed a technology first, you will find the application in the iPhone camera 8, and then worn on the head device.

“According to one of the Apple employees, hundreds of engineers are working on this technology, including development teams iPhone camera, which are prepared associated with augmented reality features”.
Earlier that Apple could equip the iPhone 8 the much improved camera, wrote analyst KGI Securities Ming-Chi Kuo.

According to him, the upcoming flagship will be a “revolutionary” camera and an infrared module for capturing a three-dimensional space.

Thanks to new components of the iPhone 8 will be able to combine 3D information from two-dimensional images, and applications will be able to use the data for facial recognition and iris of the eye and create a 3D selfie.

The analyst noted that Apple is several years ahead of manufacturers of Android smartphones in terms of 3D algorithms thanks to an iPhone for a long time will be able to boast a unique feature.

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