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Disaster in sports — our fault

Катастрофа в спорте — наша вина

Does it seem to us all that we pay too much attention to the scandal around the Russian athletes who for four years was included in the stop list international competitions? The cause of the failure and the shame, in my subjective opinion, should be sought not in the subjectivity and bias of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA), not the corruption of the journalist, not the collusion of the International Olympic Committee with the political structures of the USA and not even in a hybrid war waged by the West against Russia.

It’s all the add-in. Or the result of improper development of Russia, and in all aspects of life. The cause of the other. In the world of modern sport, there is no place of honesty and honor, truth and morality, nobility and justice. The world of modern sport is ruled by money. This is a great tote, which put billions.

Bookmakers at various levels and make billions on gullible and gambling fans.

In this hell the play are the athletes that “merge” results for “bone” falling off the table “great uncles”. Federations at all levels — from national to rural — are concerned, for the most part, not the training of athletes, not the development of mass sports, not introducing it into all spheres of life, not a selection, and search resources. The refereeing, on the bribes, salaries, employment of relatives and friends, “fodder” reward and award. Sponsors see the sport of your interest. Advertising, branding, or just, as they say, “Russian bluff.” It supposedly does not merit athlete, and one who in his training, massage, treatment, sports nutrition, travel and equipment money invested.

In my youth I was surprised the phrase migrated to us from the Western media: “the Club is so-and-so bought the player so-and-so”. How is it bought? The athlete is a thing? But now, everything is bought and everything is sold. And it went back to normal.

A couple of years ago there was a curiosity: for the national team of Russia on football were five foreigners. Half of the team — players that have no relation to the Russian system of training players. In modern parlance, are not the product of our football. But for mother Russia play on their Breasts “Russia” is written. It is sad that kids see this and absorb like an insurmountable reality.

And what happens in the clubs in the Premier League, which are partially financed from budget funds and state-owned corporations (i.e., too — the money of citizens)? I tried to count the number of players who played in the Premier League for all the years of existence of the Russian Federation. So: only countries that begin with the letter “A” in Russia played more than a hundred Legionnaires. Only one of Serbia — more than a hundred. While we came to earn the representatives of 105 countries. And not the poorest, the Netherlands, for example, Norway, South Korea, USA, France, England.

Russia — a generous soul? Your children let Omsk wastelands drink beer and play football and millions of dollars from the country are taken by foreigners? That’s just insanity. Even Vladimir Putin during a straight line said (and he says a lot of things): “too many of Them. You need this number to limit, because when the national team is prepared to collect it is nothing”.

It was in 2006, when the 16 clubs of the Russian Premier League has played more than 200 Legionnaires. Now in connection with crisis became less 132 excluding Belarusians, but when divided by 11 players have as many as 12 teams! Of the sixteen! We need some clarification on that in addition to the huge salary players, each one made in the application of the foreigner’s Premier League clubs must pay 500 thousand rubles to the Treasury of the RFU. Or simply: the average annual salary of a Russian citizen.

As already mentioned-has been written about the need to reduce the number of foreigners in Russian football and the liberation of fields and places in the teams of the pupils of domestic schools. And things there. Russian clubs only for transfers last summer spent a record money — 200 million euros. It is more than 17 billion!

On the whole, Russia is in fifth place among 200 countries in the number of professional football clubs (there are already 95)! Ahead of current world Champions, the French and the magicians of football Brazilians! And at what point we are in the economy? And in the social sphere? About political ratings, it is better to keep silent.

And what about the international successes of our football professionals? The team barely are out of subgroups in the selection for Euro 2020. The clubs a disgrace in euroliga. This is not a one-time event, and the system.

To this effect, the Deputy of the state Duma Igor Lebedev said, “I wouldn’t call the decline of the European campaign of the Russian clubs, because the result from year to year the same. Recall, when we last left the group in the Champions League? It all shows our real level of Russian football.” Well, and what conclusion does that the Deputy of the state Duma? And this: “If we want to see good results of our clubs in Euro cups, we need to remove the limit on foreign players”. That is, to recruit foreigners?!

This is only a small slice of the situation in the Russian football. But other sports are no better. At the Sochi Olympics, the Russian team has performed 13 foreign athletes who are nationals of other countries and who previously played under their flags. Yes, already then it was necessary to sound the alarm, because it is a clear indication of the complete failure in the national Olympic sports. But were not ashamed, and saluted. The headdress up throwing… the Olympic games have turned into a way of earning money. Think about it: premium Russian Olympians is higher than the us. Meanwhile, there was a time when the Olympic medal was priceless and gave a start in life. Usulutan in Sochi, then together we defended those who have disgraced the flag of Russia scandals over doping.

As well, we are patriots! It intrigues Americans! Yes, even intrigues, let this policy to 90%. But the disaster in sports — our fault. First of all, the current government, which is used to remove propaganda and agitation foam from the speeches of Russian representatives in international tournaments, forgetting that sport is not only politics, but also the health of the nation. Both physical and spiritual, moral and mental.

Now get rid of all foreign players of the Russian football clubs, what will remain? Desert! Because the whole system is tuned not to on their own and outsiders. Sharpened, making money, scams and all sorts of murky schemes. “Clean” athletes, “not clean” — what a shame and humiliation! And what’s the sport, honor, conscience? Where do you see them? Under a white flag?

Sport in Putin’s Russia has become another corrupt pump for leaching billions from the pockets of taxpayers and sponsors naive, blindly believing that without a global state program of development of physical culture and sport from kindergarten to veterans ‘ organizations can achieve significant results and respect in the world. A real sport is not only big money athletes and officials. First of all, it is not Amateur, and the professional system approach of the state to this sphere.

Sulakshina center, standing on the standpoint of development of national mass sports, have repeatedly drawn the attention “of the party and government” that need to drop support for the “millionaires in shorts”, it’s time to revive the all-Russian and international sports contest under the auspices of private sports organizations. In contrast to the international, from which our athletes squeezed by hook or by crook. Zero emotion. And suddenly this Epiphany: the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko has proposed to hold an alternative Olympic games in Russia, saying the crisis of the institutions of world sport. Finally came. But there came? As practice shows, people in high Kremlin offices, all clean, bright and moral again reduced to the level of financial “Rasulova”. If we cleaned the Russian sport, then it should be done from and to — from top officials to the village teachers of physical education.

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