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Demonic short film from the makers of the film “Wormwood: Road of the dead”

Video called Daemonrunner lasts less than five minutes, and afterwards you think: damn, like that was supposed to be a new “Ghostbusters”!

The dense atmosphere, big guns, action, mystical horror mixed with futuristic science fiction and a little bit of humor. No special story and acting — just four minutes and forty seconds of pleasure for the eyes and the brain.

And released this very nice piece of our old friends — brothers-Australian – roach-the Turners, makers of carbon monoxide postapollo “Wormwood: Road of the dead”. Guys know how to make a cheap and very cool. It is strange that the Hollywood bosses haven’t forced them to sell their soul and talent.

Well, while it did not happen, brothers Kiya and Tristan are free to do what they please. So the short Daemonrunner they called an experimental thing. What does that mean? We may be looking at a touchstone, and the guys have a plan for a feature film in the same spirit? Hell, it would be awesome!

In short, just watch this video and relax.

And by the way, if you missed: Furious teaser clip of the series “wormwood Star: the Chronicles of the dead”

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