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Dee Wallace and terror under the tree is “Red Christmas”

The regiment holiday of horror films addition – meet the Australian horror film “Red Christmas” (Red Christmas). The world premiere took place last summer at the international film festival in Sydney, but with a wide hire did not work out. A few days ago, film started to show in several cities of the United States, therefore, let us look at him and we. Especially in our feet hit the trailer.

The first thing you notice is the name of the old woman Dee Wallace (Dee Wallace-stone, if you will) in the credits. The veteran genre movie (“Howl”, “the Scarecrow”, “critters”, “cujo”) are back in business. In principle, it’s not particularly gone, just after the peak of a career, which peaked in the ‘ 80s, sensible projects in her filmography meet not so often. But in the TV series Wallace removed regularly: she has appeared in “Grimm”, and “Whisper” and “Supernatural.”

“Red Christmas” tells the story of a large family whose gathering was visited by an uninvited guest. Meeting relatives can be a very stressful event all these secrets, the obligatory skeletons in the closet, talking about uncomfortable topics, teachings from the older generation… And when the massacre begins, the evening and certainly cease to be languid.

The film on his own script, took a little-known actor Craig Anderson, which is his first directorial experience in a feature film. From Wallace leading role, she plays Diana, the mother of the family that is supposed to protect loved ones. It was accompanied by Bjorn Stewart, Janice Mcgavin, Geoff Morrell, David Collins, Sarah Bishop, Sam Campbell, Anthony Jensen and others.

The trailer promises us classic family squabbles, a dash of humor and Gore. Looks not that very good, but not so very bad. Although the names of the creators of enthusiasm is not added, the festival critics argue that was suitable. Well, the only thing left to check.

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