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Declassified the design of Autonomous Ford Fusion Hybrid

Рассекречен дизайн автономного Ford Fusion HybridAutonomous Ford “spotted” on the tests.

Ford for several months testing Autonomous Fusion.

The autopilot of the car was so reliable that the engineers inside the vehicle, time during the test… to sleep. According to the head of the development division Raj Nair, “the ride was too soothing”.

Now, the American automaker has developed a system to support testers in the waking state. This is a different kind of alarms, buzzers, vibrators on the seats and on the steering wheel and warning lights and so on. On this occasion, Raj Nair said:

“Specially trained engineers are there to watch what is happening, but because of human nature they rely more and more on the capabilities of the vehicle and come to the conclusion that it is not necessary”.

As recently reported, Ford decided to skip level 3 Autonomous vehicle control and start testing levels 4 and 5 on which the cars operate completely autonomously and do not require human intervention. Last week, the American automaker said that it will invest 1 billion U.S. dollars in the company Argo AI is developing artificial intelligence to jointly create software virtual driver for Autonomous vehicles without a steering wheel and pedals, which plan to show in 2021, and production start in 2025.

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