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Declaration Avakov: two firms in Cyprus and a collection of weapons

Декларация Авакова: две фирмы на Кипре и коллекция оружия That said Avakov in his e-Declaration.

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov is the ultimate beneficial owner of two Cyprus companies Ulisse Management Limited Management Limited and Fontana.

These data are contained in the electronic Declaration of the Minister for 2016. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

According to the Declaration, Azarov together with his wife owns two apartments in Kharkov area 657,9 and 70,90 sqm and an apartment in the Chuguev area of 55.4 sq. m, land plot in the village of Korobochkyne Kharkiv region with an area of 1.2 thousand sq. m. the Minister’s Wife also has a plot of land in the village of Korobochkyne area of 1.2 thousand sq. m.

In addition the Minister rents a room in the hotel area of 77,6 sq. m.

The Declaration also States that Avakov has 12 shares of FC “Metalist” at the cost of 3 UAH, owns 100% of the capital in the Italian company’s Avitalia.r.l. the cost of 8 million 832 thousand UAH, 99.99% of the capital of OOO “Trust company Avakov” (in liquidation) value of 205 thousand UAH 478 (0.01% of this company – my son.Avakov Alexander).

In 2016, Avakov declared the income in the form of wages in the amount of 466 121 thousand UAH, and the income from the redemption value of Treasury’s military commitments in the amount of 20 thousand UAH, and redemption of coupons on them – 2,8 thousand UAH.

On account in Ukreximbank head of the interior Ministry has 626 thousand 348 UAH, Oshchadbank – 175 thousand dollars. 804,338 thousand 200 thousand UAH in the form of assets in precious metals, 15 thousand UAH, 12.8 thousand USD, 65 thousand and EUR 870 thousand British pounds 3 015 thousand canadian dollars, 96 thousand of Japanese yen cash.

In the column of financial liabilities Avakov stated dividends by the resolution of the General meeting Avitalia s.r.l. from 14 Oct 2016 who have not passed the bills accrue and were not paid in 2016 in the amount of 148 thousand UAH 423.

Also Avakov declared collection of paintings, collection of books of the XVIII-XXI centuries in an amount of about 8 thousand copies, icons, artistic chess sets, coins of the XVI-XXI centuries in the amount of 2 652 thousand units, a collection of gold coins of 24 items, stamps, collection of edged weapons of the XIX-XX centuries and a collection of wines.

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