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Deception and poverty: the inhabitants of the occupied Donbass told how they live

Обман и нищета: жители оккупированного Донбасса рассказали, как им живетсяPeople told about life in the occupied city

In the occupied cities of Donbass are well aware that such a deception.

For nearly four years, the insurgents are lying the unfortunate inhabitants of all that only is possible – about the shelling, about the “prosperity” of care, even about equality and freedom. The Pitmen buy on the market cheap chicken feet to feed, and the “elite” spends his free time in luxurious restaurants in the center of Donetsk. As for freedom, recently one of the owners of the most expensive restaurant on Pushkin Boulevard was arrested without explanation along with the staff. Although it is possible, looks so prosperity…

War-weary Donetsk residents said that the true picture of what is happening don’t you see that the most persistent supporters of the breakaway republics. The rest is all clear.

“Take, for example, attacks. Inhabitants of houses on the outskirts, and I including, well see how to homes approaching tanks or hitting on some guns that fire towards Ukrainian positions. And then turn around 180 degrees and doing a few shots in the house, simulating return fire. We have all seen it with my own eyes. How many messages in social networks, for example, “our Tochmash (in Kyivskyi district of Donetsk – Ed.) shot at the “dill” – and the official reports of the militants says that at this time, such as Ukrainian tanks were shooting at Putylivka. The result – homes destroyed, people injured or killed. And such facts every day dozens”, – said a resident of the Kiev district of Alina Mendzel’.

The deceived live the elderly and the disabled, whose pensions 2700 rubles as far from the subsistence level, as promises from “authorities” on decent pensions and salaries. However, young is also difficult – the salary of 10 thousand roubles is considered to be in the occupied territories is very good, but it is rarely paid.

“Constantly in the Newspapers and on television tell us that we have cheaper products that cheap communal, that is simply not life, but a fairy tale, – says a resident of Makeyevka Olga Tanova. – It is actually more expensive than in reports. Especially now, when it comes to the holidays, but private employers still obliged to purchase and deliver cash registers. It is clear that prices will climb up, they also need to “recapture” purchase. And about cheaper or more expensive, there is a controversial issue. Many of us often go to government-controlled areas and see what there prices are. For example, the meat almost equalized in price. But many other categories are “there” and significantly cheaper – for example, medicine.”

Every New year, as they say, the Donetsk team, they meet with hopes to rectify the situation – and each time at the end of December with bitterness admit – again cheating.

“Honest people left, all get out of here. We had one of Akhmetov, who honestly helped all who needed food, medicine – and his entrance here was closed. Still and misrepresented, they say, overdue humanitarian aid was distributed. Thousands of people have received – and no words said! At me how many times I’ve been to the outlets, only thanked. Because it was fair. And now another lie! No one can be trusted!” – lamenting gorlovchanin Nikolai Eremichev. According to the pensioner, in the occupied territories and we are not talking about the disabled, deeply the elderly or large families.

“The house promised to restore the destroyed and never rebuilt. The people at his own expense make repairs, – says a resident of Adminposelka in Donetsk Lyudmila. And promises over the years there were a million: the flight from Donetsk to Rostov station, to put straight, and to provide themselves with their own food, and pensions is to raise wages, and trade with the world, I’m not talking about “take London” and “to go to Kiev.” It’s certainly funny, if it weren’t so sad.”

Deceived the inhabitants of the occupied territories to see clearly every day more and more. Rasprobovali already taste the Russian food. Already came back from Russia former refugees who could not find neither housing nor work, and the attitude of the local was far from the love of “compatriots”. Already scurrying around to all the shops and markets of the brave “tax”, impose huge fines on all that is bad – in this screen describes the flourishing business. Factories and mines are cut on scrap metal and taken out – however, people continue to cram that production reached its highest point of development.

“I don’t know who believe the militants – they lie at every step. We are tired of the lies that they poured into the ears. We know how people live in controlled areas, they have difficulties, but it is not the hunger, not the default, not “Holodomor”. And we were in war and poverty, which we presented as some kind of Supreme achievement,” says a resident of Donetsk Eugene Smith.

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