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Death lens in indie horror film “Camera obscura”

We all sometimes take pictures to capture the memory the best moments of life. But what if dispassionate the camera sees not life, but someone’s death?..

In June, the company Chiller Films releases in the U.S. and Canada at first in limited release, and then on VOD services the horror film “Camera obscura” (Camera Obscura) independent filmmaker , A. B. Kunz. The trailer is still not ready, but we already have a few shots and official poster of the film.

The photographer, a war veteran suffering from post-traumatic syndrome, sees the impending death that is involved, which casts doubt on his already fragile mental health. And threatens the lives of those dear to him.

We note a rather interesting castes of the film. So, one of the main roles in “Camera obscura” plays migrated once from the Soviet Union in Europe, Nadya Bobyleva – the whole career of the actress went abroad, where she, among other things, managed to star in Steven Spielberg’s drama “Spy bridge.” The company Nadia are Katie Clumps (“Ghoul”, “girl fight”), chase Williamson (“Guest”, “Siren”, “In the final, John will die”) and a veteran of independent genre cinema Noah Segan (“Martback”, “the mind’s Eye”, “All about evil”, “City of monsters”).

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