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Deadly Groundhog Day comes in December

And another premiere is postponed. This morning November was moved to the Russian premiere of the Thriller “the Snowman” with Fassbender and survival’a “Jungle” with Radcliffe. Further, in December postponed the release of the new project of producer Jason Blum’s “Happy day of the dead” (Happy Death Day).

The film, which resembles a mix of “Groundhog Day” and some “Friday the 13th” will be released in the domestic rent is not 30 November as planned, and a week later, on 7 December 2017.

Everyone in the University wanted to get to her birthday, but the celebration was spoiled by a masked stranger who killed the hero of the occasion. However, fate gave the birthday girl a chilling gift — an endless supply of lives. And now the girl had a chance to calculate his killer, after all, this day will be repeated again and again…

Director and screenplay Christopher Landon worked on such films as “Paranormal activity 2-5”, “Scouts vs zombies”, “Blood and chocolate”. The main role in the film played Jessica’s Mouth (“La La land”, “Lily and Kate”, “Gossip girl”), Israel Broussard (“Elite society”, “hi, Julie!”, “Good kids”, TV series “Sons of anarchy”) and ruby Modin (“Memory”, TV series “Shameless”).

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