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David Lynch not coming back in a big movie

The man who showed what it means to “surrealism” in film today, Director David Lynch, it seems, is moving away from business.

In his interview with the resource The Sydney Morning Herald Lynch spoke about what has become the film industry since then, as he took his last feature film in 2006:

It’s very different. So many films too did well at the box office, though perhaps it could be a great movie, and so many things that have succeeded at the box office and was not what I wanted to do.

In short, “loves our people any guano” and what’s so sad pay your money, but this time more projects of talented Directors remain unknown and unclaimed. Especially sad when this says live kinoklassika David Lynch. So it is something his audience has long found, and the budgets never raced, so that cash was easy to beat. However, it could not always.

But all after all understand that the Arthouse is not a commercial genre. And I just find it hard to believe that even a Lynch may have difficulties with financing. Why doesn’t he just invent some money? The man who gave us “eraserhead”, “the elephant Man”, “Dune”, “Blue velvet”, “Wild at heart”, “lost Highway”, “a Simple story” and “Mulholland drive”, able to invent anything. His latest artistic picture “Inland Empire” summed up much of his work, but do not want to think that this really was the end. However, the Director is adamant.

I hope that Lynch and his unusual vision of the world still manifests itself. Fortunately, there’s still TV, web projects, there are documentaries, and in all of these formats David already worked before.

Oh, and of course, we look forward to returning to “twin Peaks” on may 21 this year. 25 years later…

It’s happening again.

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