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Crimeans complained about “pokraschennya” under Putin

Крымчане пожаловались на "покращення" при ПутинеPublished interesting correspondence.

In the occupied Crimea people complain about the life under occupation, and the alleged visitors from Syktyvkar write rave reviews.

Correspondence residents published in the Twitter the user of the Crimean banderovets.

“Evpatoria. The locals do not see pokraschennya, but come in large numbers from Syktyvkar who have not seen the Crimea before the occupation, pleased.This is what f* * * yourself in Russia?” – noted the Crimean Bandera.

He also showed correspondence to residents.

So, one of the interviewees wondered whether it makes sense to buy a house in Yalta.

“Yes, fine, come. Live XP*new, but you’ll get used to it”, – said one of the users.

“Nothing, three years of torment, then get used to it!” – wrote a local resident.

Note, a positive review was written by the inhabitant of Syktyvkar.

“Excellent city, three years ago moved to work at the Agency can help in the search,” said the user Jake the mayor of Syktyvkar.

Крымчане пожаловались на "покращення" при Путине

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