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Creepy first trailer for the horror film “House ghosts”

As expected of evil spirits, the first official trailer for the Thai-American horror film “House ghosts” (Ghost House) arrived in the night. And was surprisingly good!

Yeah, nothing new from this movie is not worth waiting, as we expected. But it looks okay, hard and sometimes really creepy. Oh my, these ghosts of the wicked old witch…

American tourists Julie and Jim are traveling around Thailand enjoying the local scenery and performing a rich program of excursions, which unexpectedly leads them to the house of the ghosts. Not knowing that the presence of evil is not just another publicity stunt, the pair incur the wrath of the otherworldly spirit, disturbed by their disrespectful attitude to the mystery of the sinister house.

Russian premiere of the film “House ghosts” is scheduled for August 24, 2017.

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