Thursday , April 9 2020
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Crazy straight line

Безумие прямой линии

“And this… is a correspondent of “Time” piercing looks me in the eye, is (pause, the camera slides down and shows the usual blue chair)… is a chair in which to sit the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin…”.

The chair you show me closeup. First a little late, it already is a sacred place, I showed the program “Vesti”.

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Atmaca more considerate of the time, the reporter tiptoed off to the side. And continues to tell us how many meters of wires stretched beneath the floor, how many chairs for the audience, the strength of the spotlights…

It’s madness on the Federal channels lasts for a week, if not more. On how prepared the country is to a straight line with the President, reported the first news.

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If you need me there would be evidence of attacks of mass idiocy in his native country, it is nothing else but that anomalous, to convulsions, making to contact of the head of state with the citizens, had to go.

Vladimir Yermolin, journalist

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