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“Crazy lake” invites you to swim in blood (TRAILER)

Like the slasher in the vein of “Friday the 13th”? Horny young in the wild. Girls definitely flaunt in a bikini, and sometimes without. Men flaunt polyhedra press and yelling from an overabundance of testosterone. Well, somewhere already haunting the one who will crumble all the brothers on the salad. The creators of the film “Crazy lake” (Lake Crazy) just all love it.

Synopsis succinct:

Company students have come to rest in the cottage by the lake. Soon the friends realize that previously this building was used not only for recreation.

Who will be engaged in cutting the youth to pieces? Apparently, that long-haired guy in a cool mask, appeared on a couple of frames. It is believed that the impending slaughter is somehow connected with a mysterious government experiment that went wrong, but this is not accurate.

The Director’s chair on the set of “Mad lake,” shared Christopher Leto and Jason Henne, also worked together on the anthology “the Theatre crazy 2”. Besides, Henne is responsible for the script of the “Lake”.

In the present caste Libby Blanton (“a horror Film about a monster”), Rob Mello (“Happy day of the dead”), Michael ray Davis (“the Forbidden land”), Tom Latimer (“Dragons of Camelot”) and a bunch of unknown actors.

For the first time “Mad lake” was presented to the audience in 2016 at the Sunscreen film festival, but a great glory the tape is not earned. And here is now available in the VOD services. Well, check out the trailer. Blood there is, unfortunately, not so much, but the meat in the movie has to be. Otherwise, why all this, isn’t it?

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