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Cool fan posters horror-Comedy “night of the demons”

Dark Halloween just around the corner. It’s time to remember some old horror movie, to review it in the night from 31 October to 1 November. For example, a movie called “night of the demon” (Night of the Demons).

This movie will surely be a lot of writing next year, when the date of the premiere will be 30 years old (“night of the demons” was released on 9 September 1988). But we are a little ahead, good reason enough. The plot revolves around a Halloween party, when the fun of youth interrupted by the awakening of an ancient evil editoptions…

Artists Chris Macgibbon and Juan Jose Saldarriaga (Chris MacGibbon and Juan José Saldarriaga) have joined forces in order to celebrate Halloween in his own way-has created a series of posters for “night of the demons”. The edition is strictly limited – each of the posters were printed in 40 copies. Today they will buy up during the panel at Horror Con in new Jersey.

Well, we can just admire this art.

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