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CONTEST – write a caption for a photo of Stephen king and get us a reward book!

Competitive fun coming up with funny photo captions back in the Area of Horror!

However, we have exhausted reserves freestuff unopened DVD, but in a lot of different genre of books. And once it comes to horror fiction, it would be logical at this time to think of something cheerful as the caption to the photo of King – Stephen king.

Your task remains the same. Look at the photo, come up with a hilarious caption, writing in the comments. A number of comments from one participant is not limited, if you come up with ten different signatures – you can leave ten comments, we don’t mind 🙂

At the end of the week we will select the funniest, and of them will pick a comment winner. And as a prize send it to the author of the book “Hunt for success” the Russian writer and our good friend Oleg Kozhin.

Why this book is this author? You know, it is believed that most of the current generation of Russian authors of mystery and horror grew on the books of Stephen king. Including therefore, by analogy with the king, who is styled “King of Terrors”, our writers continually strive too something like to call. Kozhin, for example, in his stories called “the King of Russian horror”. So if you come up with a suitable funny caption to the photo of the King – then discover the book of the King!

Well, if dealing with a books go, in the next competitions will be other prizes – we have, again, is this good enough…

So, here’s a photo:

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