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CONTEST of funny comments. The reward is the book “the Smell”!

Summing up the results of the previous contest and immediately start another one. Of the more than 170 options captions the screenshot with the demon to choose the best was, of course, not easy, but we have used “ask the audience” and yet identified the winner but rather the winner.

It was FamilyGhost, the author of this version:

FamilyGhost will receive a prize, as promised, an anthology of dark horror fantasy “Dark.”

And award the winner a new contest will be the book “Smell” wonderful domestic horror-writer Vladislav Geneva, which, unfortunately, is no longer with us.

But let’s not about sad. “Smell” is great Literature, marked by a number of awards. The book was published in 2016 and since then has already become if not a rarity, it is quite rare on the shelves of bookstores. To get this book, you need to come up with enough funny (and not too long) the caption for the following photo (if that is a frame from the TV series “ash vs evil dead”:

According to tradition: one comment = Odin version of funny captions. The number of comments per participant is not restricted in any way, so go for it! The results will be summed up at the end of this week.

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