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Construction of brick houses

Строительство кирпичных домовConstruction of brick houses under the key is gaining more and more popularity every year. Brick has for many years been the most popular material in the construction market. Many centuries ago, the brick has taken a leading position in the construction of and successfully holds the priority, annually increasing number of buildings.

The uniqueness of brick buildings

The distinctive property of brick in the realization of any architectural project, irrespective of complexity of construction. Small size material, high resistance to external influences allow you to create custom turnkey projects. Brick perfectly complements the landscaped area, allocates a structure that complements the basic design of decorative elements, window sills, arches, design of window openings. Cottage of brick looks stylish and appealing in any setting, fitted perfectly in the forest or near a pond.

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The European price of a brick is quite high, given the volume of material required for the construction. For every square meter of the building is necessary to make estimates to calculate the possible costs. The company’s specialists Novastroy with the approval of the project provide the customer the full amount of construction costs taking into account the main and additional materials. The lifetime of the brick house long enough, the savings is felt in the early stages of residence. The house of bricks can serve the customer more than 500 years. The construction of real estate a good investment in the future of their own family.

For the full value of the house is affected:

  • The size and perimeter of the building;
  • Height, floors, built;
  • Foundation;
  • A complete list of materials;
  • The distance of the object and shipping.

    The main advantages of brick construction

    Строительство кирпичных домов

    Brick is a fairly common material because of the numerous advantages composition:

  • The strength and durability of the finished building. Technology vertical stack creates a solid weave, the tenacity series, providing high quality, stability structure.
  • The material resists moisture, formation of fungus, bacteria and mold.
  • The fire resistance of the material is invaluable plus in case of accidental fire. The material is able to withstand exposure to open flame for 45 minutes without additional protection and processing.
  • Under the influence of climatic factors or the temperature drops to -50 degrees, the brick does not lose thermal properties.
  • When exposed to snow, rain, and precipitation of the brick dries quickly and does not lose the original look.
  • A brick is not affected by the sunlight, which is in the building in the summer quite comfortably.

    Minor weaknesses of the material are easily removed in the work, if properly applied each of the stages of technology.

    Read before building:

  • Process of erection a brick home is time consuming, requires the involvement of experienced masters.
  • The duration of construction depends on the volume of work and speed. To run the construction independently for a long time. Due to the drying of the solution it is impossible to expel from a greater height of the building.
  • The house is a brick building requires a solid Foundation and a solid Foundation built.
  • With permanent residence in the cold season it is necessary to constantly heat the room. Brick house cools down for a few days and lasting heats up with hypothermia.
  • Brick building requires time to shrink.
  • Between floors you are laying a waterproofing layer.
  • Prior to construction it is necessary to calculate the total weight of the wall. You need to create high-stability structure, because the large weight of the wall may be deformed.

    Строительство кирпичных домов

    Brick is good enough and time tested material. The disadvantages can be eliminated or not allowed during construction.

    Versions of brick on the market today:

  • Clay brick is divided into: hollow and solid. Its affordable cost, high conductivity and massive weight.
  • Ceramic tiling option is often used for the decoration of the facade of the building. An expensive option with the full application.
  • Brick silicate composition of the main components of sand and lime. More durable and reliable material. Not valid for use in areas with high humidity, heavily saturated with moisture that leads to destruction.

    Professional masters are advised to apply several layers of brick to create a warm space inside. The successful combination of a clay base with a facing brick external finish. This option ensures the comfort and positive atmosphere for living the whole family.

    The speed of construction depends on the desired perimeter and number of storeys of the building.

    1. The study of the object and the soil on the construction site 2 weeks.
    2. The laying of the Foundation 4 weeks.
    3. The construction of the box of the building, the floors takes less than 6 weeks of construction.
    4. The formation of the roof surface no more than 4 weeks depending on the inclination of the slope and size of the roof surface.
    5. Communications, climate control indoors 2-3 weeks.
    6. Internal and external finish, depending on complexity of the work.

    Строительство кирпичных домов

    Full cycle of building a brick house takes 6 months from the date of issuance of the order and receipt of the project.

    Novastroy company offers customers high quality high speed construction of comfortable brick homes. Knowledge of the intricacies of the technology of erection of buildings, the advantages of additional materials and successfully implemented projects allow us to say with confidence that the company can offer customers high quality at an affordable price. The dream of your own estate a promising investment and development of their own family. The professionals experimented in building a variety of materials, therefore, considering customer needs, can choose the universal solution is to combine design.

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