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Computer defeated human poker at $ 2 million

Компьютер обыграл человека в покер на 2 миллиона долларовArtificial intelligence won 2 million dollars in poker

Once again the title of best poker player on the planet Earth confirmed artificial intelligence called Libratus, created by a group of American scientists. This time the computer managed to win at poker from about $ 2 million.

Yesterday there was a competition in which artificial intelligence opposed the best poker players. It is worth noting that in January 2017 the artificial intelligence has managed to beat all of his opponents, who were some of the best poker players in the world. Using the scheme of detailed analysis of the behavior of players Libratus was able to track the emotional state of his opponents, responding to their bluff.

Through the use of encrypted algorithms that allows the supercomputer to guess with almost 100% probability of what cards are in the hands of its rivals, Libratus was able to defeat all human opponents, winning the main prize of 1.8 million dollars.

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