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Communists begin the school year!

Коммунисты начинают учебный год!

Working University. I. B. Khlebnikova announces the beginning of a new school year and invites to class everyone. Due to the fact that the last 25 years the government applied a Titanic effort to destroy the Soviet system of education, giving students a holistic picture of the world, demand for systematic and reliable knowledge in society is growing steadily. We want to fill this gap!

Коммунисты начинают учебный год!

Working University. I. B. Khlebnikova as a public educational organization and as a teaching team was formed in 1993. It was a response to progressive scientists at the beginning of the distortion in the coverage of the social Sciences in higher education. In different years at the University he taught such eminent Soviet scientists as R. I. Kosolapov, A. A. Preobrazhensky, V. J. Grosul, V. A. Kuchkin, L. I., were compiled, B. V. Kolobov, A. V. Harlamenko, Z. A. Tazhurizina, V. A. Sakharov, R. T. Sabluk, E. A. Kosarev. Working University is proud of its relationships with modern writers and hopes for further fruitful cooperation.

We look forward to expanding as the audience of students and faculty. In the 2019-2020 school year planned coverage of individual topics of Russian history specialists Club CLIO, the related experts of international events and meetings with representatives of the Communist movement of different countries of the world.

2019-2020 academic year opens with a reading of two courses:


    • Marxist-Leninist philosophy – lecturer PhD.N. V. A. Harlamenko. Planned 7 lectures.


    • The Russian history lecturer Ph. D. B. V. Kolobov. It is planned 7-10 lectures.


Course Marxist-Leninist philosophy the actual fact that with the ever-growing demand for data knowledge, especially among left-wing activists, from high school he was almost expelled. And because Marxist-Leninist philosophy is the pinnacle of scientific philosophical thought, for independent and unsystematic study it hard. And, of course, we hope that this course will help our students to further independent work.

To the question “Why the course of Russian history” is the easiest question to answer. And why the bourgeois governments spend so much effort, time and money to make confusion in the presentation of the event times so remote, the views of historians on that seemingly long-established? However, the distortion of national history, even the time of Alexander Nevsky, Ochakov and the conquest of the Crimea, honest work of the media and a host of writers and pseudo-historians. Look at the shelves in any bookstore, and the answer to the question “why?” will disappear by itself. The nation is strong, which keeps its historical memory. And the purpose of this course is to make this memory was accurate.

When ready audience to read an in-depth exploration of themes, work the University is ready to conducting seminars.

Classes will be held weekly, on Wednesdays, from 19:00 to 21:00, metro Ploshchad ‘ Il’icha or Roman.

We invite everyone to the first organizational session 2 Oct!

To record listeners should fill in the registration Form (at Working University).



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