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Communist party — the platform for sales mandates

КПРФ — площадка для продажи мандатов

“Deceit and violence, the country returned to capitalism. This is the path of social regression, leading to a national catastrophe, the destruction of the Russian, of Russian civilization. Today the Communist party is the only political organization that consistently defends the rights of people hired labor and the national-state interests. The strategic goal of the party — building in Russia of a renewed socialism, socialism of the XXI century”, — said on the official website of the Communist party of the Russian Federation.

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But in fact it is the opposite. For large letters of the party hiding the rotten corrupt. That’s where capitalism reigns in the brightest of its manifestations. It is sufficient to take the story of the former First Secretary of the Volgograd Regional Committee of the Communist party Nikolai Parshin, who is now in Federal search.

It turned out that Parshin may be involved in the fraud for three million rubles, and the sale of seats in the election list. So, from the party member Pavel Polyakov at the time, was charged with leader of the Volgograd Communists, with a detailed explanation of the fraudulent scheme and the provision of receipts. The “victim” forgot that he is involved in the same scheme. But that’s not the point. While inside the party happen strife, the authority of the party that doesn’t make it better. Where are the slogans of the struggle against capitalism?

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