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Comic “Sabrina. Spooky adventures” appeared on sale in Russian

Publishing house “Komilfo”, responsible for the official Russian translations of such comic series as “the Walking dead” and “Star wars”, I shared information about the immediate availability of novelty, which is particularly interesting for lovers of the horror genre. It is the first mini-series “Sabrina. Spooky adventure”.

Yes, this is the same Sabrina that we remember the funny sitcom in the early noughties played on STS. But the atmosphere of the book far from the serial – here ruled the ball insidious witch and the dark secrets on what informs painting on the cover of “18+”.

Greendale is a nice quiet town in the neighborhood of Riverdale, home to Archie Andrews for a couple of hours you get to it by bus. Everything here seems so normal… And this girl is an orphan that lives with his lovely aunts, she’s not a witch!
And it’s true, yet it did not pass the initiation into a satanic ritual, she’s not a witch in full, although already knows how many (As, for example, her aunt, her human form, which hides something disgusting). Sabrina – blood (almost like Harry Potter) and she has to make a choice: to remain human for the love of Harvey, or forever tarnish his soul in exchange for almost unlimited power and authority in the mortal world. Damn difficult choice (pardon the pun).

The comic is already on sale – 160 pages the grim story of Sabrina includes releases from 1st to 6th and are waiting for their readers. To see this creepy story is for the reason that the channel is The CW not so long ago announced the development of a series of screening, the premiere of which is planned for late 2018 – early 2019.

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