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Cho was the alien? New promo of the film “Alien: Testament”!

Less and less time remains before the world and Russian premiere of the film “Alien: Covenant” (Alien: Covenant) – the sequel to “Prometheus”, prequel to “Alien” and so on and so on… less Time and promotional materials and more! We got another video from the set, a new red band passage, and also ordered a personal Android.

Seriously, on the website www.meetwalter.com PR film on behalf of the company “weyland-Yutani” invite anyone who wishes to fill out the “pre-order” on their own iPhone Android-assistant Walter. Recall that Walter is a balanced copy of David from Prometheus, performer of the roles of both Michael Fassbender told us in detail about it.

I issued an order and got on the “soap” here is:

Now waiting for private Walter etit.

Adam savage on the set of the film, part the second (the first was posted earlier):

New trailer:

And that’s not all. In the Network appeared the new fecurity, which presents us with artificial intelligence Muthur from the movie. Wow, all my life (AI appears in the first “Alien”, as you know) thought it was “Mother”, that is “Mother”:

Well, one more time trailer:

You are not yet sick of the abundance of promo? Then recall the synopsis:

The crew of the ship “the Covenant”, being on the far outskirts of the galaxy, find a planet that at first seems to them a Paradise, but actually turns out to be a dark and dangerous world, the only inhabitant of which is the Android David.

The Russian premiere will take place on 18 may 2017.

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