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Chaotic legislation

Хаотичное законодательство

In Russia there are about 5,500 Federal laws. Each session of the state Duma takes about 300. “Mad printer” thoughts has filled the country with laws that, in addition to their stupidity and ignorance, because of its quantity simply can’t be implemented.

As a result of economic activity is transformed into a hell where no violations can do NOTHING simply due to the inability to adapt to the chaotic “pace of change” legislation.

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And if there are violations then there is corruption on the “blind eye” to the inevitable violations. And now the system. Tax check comes with the amount of the fine and the sentence itself to find a violation on this amount. Recall the tragedy in the “Winter cherry”: according to the same rules inputs/outputs must be closed, others open.

Russia can not withstand such temp permanent (!) petty changes. Annual change traffic (one year sign “spikes” mandatory and fined for its absence the following year sign “thorns” is not needed).

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The existing “temp changes in a legal field” — gives rise to legal nihilism and kills the desire to understand those laws that concerns you, even the most law-abiding citizens!

Well, remember the classics: “the more the state of corruption, the more laws.” Tacitus (56-117 ad).

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