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Deadly explosion in Kabul: new details

About 20 people were killed and 38 were injured in the explosion at the Supreme court in Kabul.The explosion outside the Supreme court of Afghanistan in the capital Kabul killed at least 20 people. “The Ministry of health reported that killed at least 20 people, and another 38 injured taken …

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The defense budget of the US could grow by $ 30 billion

The money will be spent on new armoured vehicles, jet fighters and better trained military. The new leadership of the Pentagon has asked Congress of the United States to increase the defense budget of the state to 30 billion dollars. So, the Pentagon submitted to Congress a draft budget, which …

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Marine Le Pen has made the scandalous statement

This time got the French Jews who, in the opinion of the candidate on a post of the President of France needs to get rid of the traditional headgear. The leader of the French far-right marine Le Pen, the Chairman of the party “national front”, gave last Friday interview to …

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In the Baltic States sent the Deposit to us troops

Troops, including heavy equipment, should arrive within this week. In Latvia on Tuesday, February 7, will solemnly celebrate the American military. Another company — 225 3rd armored brigade — arrived in Riga on Sunday, February 5. Almost half the Americans and Latvians will train together as part of operation Atlantic …

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Former French President to stand trial

Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy will appear before the court in the case of “Pygmalion”. “Pigmalion” we are talking about financing the election campaign of former French leader in 2012. Due to the different above Sarkozy and his party “Union for a popular movement” greatly exceeded the maximum limit of …

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The UN told about the activation of the recruiters of ISIS

“Islamic state” seeks to mobilize supporters around the world and tries to go beyond the region in which operates. The Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant multiplies efforts to mobilize new fighters. In addition, ISIS seeks to go beyond the existing foci of conflict — Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria. …

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