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Carpenter wrote the music for “Halloween” right now!

And helps it cool black cat.

Sandy king carpenter, a producer of film and comic book writer, posted in his Twitter photo, which depicted this wonderful cat. Curiously, the tweet contains the hashtag of the film “Halloween”. What the salt is? It is actually easy, because the frame also got their feet in the spacious pants, and that someone, it seems, got in his Studio and writes music.

If someone does not know, sandy king, the wife of John carpenter. As a producer she worked with her husband on such films as “Strangers among us” and “In the mouth of madness”.

Finally John himself has placed all points over i, revitol referred to a photo of himself and signed it, they say, the cat helps him in the soundtrack to “Halloween”.

Great news, huh? Talk about the fact that the carpenter will write the music for the film, went a long time, but only in April it was announced officially. And now all this becomes reality.

That’s why the new “Halloween” I would like not only to see but to hear.

To do we can do it 18 Oct 2018.

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