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Carbon trailer old-school shooter Strafe

The spirit of old school lives in us!

View this scoring VIDOS, too, to feel it. Remember when your mom nagged you, saying, let the brother play? And you know he’s still weak for this shit. He was not Doom, not having a kick-ass Duke Nukem, how could he know the smell of Napalm in the morning? In short, the new guy’s out of control, just saying.

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It happens in the trailer for the game Strafe.

Strafe is an arcade shoot’em eh … its all a first person shooter with support for virtual reality, referring players to the culture of 90-ies. Features of the project is the simplified graphics and automatic generation of levels.

The development of the game was engaged in Studio Pixel Titans. The shooter should be out on PlayStation 4 and PC. Pre-order now on Steam, but in General Strafe will be released may 9th.

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