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“But the bourgeois infection there and she’s there”

«Но буржуазная зараза там так и ходит по пятам»

Prime Mishustin sick with coronavirus – at least abroad not long ago. And his family was not, and the guards and the drivers, and cooks. All were checked a hundred times, comply with restrictions and still got sick Premier! Well, where then foreign tourism? Ahh – this is because from abroad came to us cowed? Well, then let us first close the border with China! It is still started! Some only infection Chinese have not come up with a coronavirus, SARS, Hong Kong flu – they eat bats so far, and we all of them allies stuffed! After mishustina words somehow came flooding back from memories. When the virus was still in China, we were told that it is not our problem. When the virus moved to Europe, we said that it does not matter – because we have something no one else is sick. When the nightmare started in Italy and Spain, we said that this is because they medicine is bad and we are good. What a wonderful headline, remember that “Dagestan could become a tourist alternative to Italy?” Well, that was the Dagestan alternative? We talked about some our special immunity, about BCG, about the fact that our doctors from the Institute were preparing for epidemics, and military medicine. We have helped everyone from the Serbs to Americans. All the first cases called imported – Oh, if the border were closed, would we not in danger – remember? All evil is from abroad. Rushing out to us turmoil, corruption, liberasty and sodomy, and now viruses. You already sit at home! However, the majority of Russians, there has never been passports. Just before them is not a question – to go or not to go to the côte d’azur! And thousands of those who have such passports are now simply can not afford any travelling abroad.

Now not to leave – now would work not to lose and eat that was something! And dumb, frankly, to go somewhere. And then you get to zagranku, and then the home country will close their borders, canceled planes, and a decorated Zakharova and you still will spit you out anywhere, blowing dust off a Russian passport. I don’t mind domestic tourism – I only! Our country is fantastically beautiful and varied. Amazing nature, historical places, monuments – everything is there. But in the mass it contains in a wretched state, no service there, but the prices are not worse overseas. It would be cheaper and no worse – and would not go to Turkey we side to lie on six-session nutrition! Help industry, encourage, develop! Now and alternatives you would like to relax at home. But will it be safer? Why, if Russia is in third place in the world and first in Europe for the infections? And, for example, in the Crimea you will put in the Observatory for your own money. In Moscow and St. Petersburg is still some medicine there, and God forbid you get sick in the Outback during a tour of the country – will save you there or as lucky? Well, Hello hot, of course, our tourism industry. Let them, they will come again to the government for help if the Prime Minister himself said that there is nothing to travel around the world and the infection home to bring.

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