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Burger King vs Pennywise: details

Whether these guys are joking amid the General hysteria, “It”, whether the film is Andres, im really Moscetti throat, or red balls finally drove everyone crazy. Anyway, the Russian subsidiary “fastfude” network Burger King has sent to the Federal Antimonopoly service of the formal complaint against Pennywise. Well, okay, not Pennywise, and super picture with his participation. The image of a creepy clown, invented by Stephen king, suddenly appeared in the center of the domestic Burger wars.

In Burger King’s demand to ban the hire “It” because the movie advertises them unfair competitors of McDonald’s. Pennyways that Ronald MacDonald – what’s the difference? The company believes these clowns are too similar, plus the images themselves in mass culture quickly mixed and people don’t see the difference. In result, McDonald’s has the advantage, clients come to a call made merry with a red ball, and Burger King at a loss. Give a fair competition!

All this sounds pretty funny, especially considering the fact that while the complaint will be considered, “It”, and so leaves the theaters. However, this move has another motive, anticipatory: the Burger King as it suggests filmteam not to advertise their competition, this is not without consequences remain.

Another interesting point: some believe that Pennywise denigrates the profession of the clown and others seem to see it as a magnet for customers. According to some, he alienates people, according to other draws. Well, what of it? Because you can imagine the commercial: dad, mom and two kids decide to go somewhere to eat for a long time choose a place and then seeing the clown on the sign, decide to turn in “McDuck”, because not so long ago saw a movie where a clown eating children in the sewers. Everything is logical. By the way, McDonald’s also may consider “It” is unfair competitors, because everyone knows that Pennywise invented king. Burger King.

Although, of course, the “Burgers” more reasons for the charges. In the end, even in the Area of Horror spread to the movie “It” with Ronald McDonald in the lead role! Look at it again. Towards the end you definitely feel the craving for chicken burgers and want to see this cute character at the nearest fast food restaurant.

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