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Bruce Willis is eager to die in Russia

No, dear Hollywood actor follows in the footsteps of Gerard Depardieu and other celebrities who have received old age Russian citizenship. Just a remake of action-Thriller “death wish” (Death Wish) with Willis in the lead role, finally got a premiere date in Russia.

The world premiere took place in November of this year to domestic screens by Exhibitor “Exhibitor” movie gets 5 April 2018. In addition to the “die hard” in the film starred such people as Vincent D’onofrio and Elisabeth Shueand directed by the Creator of “Hostel” Eli Roth.

“Death” is…

The story of a respectable family man who is forced to mete out vigilante justice on the gang of criminals that raped his daughter and killed his wife.Cm. also: the Original “death wish” 1974

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